"Quality First" is always our supreme principle and business strategy, most of products we export are supplied by GMP or ISO9000 approved manufacturers, ensuring stable quality and our customers' 100% satisfaction as well.

How can we select a reliable supplier from so many manufacturers of the same product? and how can we know the manufacturer's true quality?

First of all, before selecting a factory, we will personally inspect their production lines, packing conditions, warehouses and quality control centre, to make sure that this factory is really qualified in production and sanitary conditions, etc ..

Secondly, we focus on their testing methods and analytical instrument to make sure that the testing method can meet the relevant international standards, such as FCC, BP, USP, JP, AJI, NF, etc..

Finally, we take samples from different batches and test it in an independent laboratory to verify the reliability of their certificate of analysis as well as the consistency of the quality.

Once a factory is approved, we will keep on testing their products from time to time to ensure their accepting our "Quality First" principle. Moreover, we will keep samples of each batch from delivered cargo occasionally as quality tracer for full batch so that we can ensure complete reliability for the consignment.